Opening Day 4/18/2020

7 Pettis Road, Gansevoort, NY 12831, US

(518) 745-6861

Welcome to Sorano's Greenhouses LLC

Welcome to Sorano's Greenhouses LLC

Welcome to Sorano's Greenhouses LLCWelcome to Sorano's Greenhouses LLC

Welcome 2020

The following list is what we are offering for our 2020 growing season. All of our vegetable plants are grown from seed to be ready for mid May.  Order by email with a contact number.  We will call and let you know when  your plants are ready, will discuss payment as well as pick up  options then. Curb pick up is available.  **No credit card numbers by email ** We will fill orders in the order we receive them. 

Please be patient, this is a new way for us to do business. We are physically at the greenhouses 7 days a week, technology adds another level for us. Follow the health protocol that is in place, we all have family and friends that we need to protect. 

We are growing as many vegetables as we can, to help as many as we can! Unfortunately, we can not grow all varieties. Space limitations dictate our ability to only offer varieties that the majority of  our customers are looking for. 

However, if you don't see a variety you want, talk to us. We will happily start your specific plants for you.

tomatoes 2020


Bush Early Girl 54 4” fruit, determinate

Compact plant, firm, flavorful, large yield, 

disease resistant

available 5 gallon with cage

Biltmore 70 8-10oz fruit, Determinate

High yield, uniform ripening

Disease resistant, Cracking resistant

Better Boy 75 1 lb fruit, Indeterminate

Excellent for canning, slicing, sauces

Disease resistant, High yield

Celebrity 70 8 oz fruit, Determinate

Performs well under adverse conditions

Resists drought and diseases

Big Beef 75 12-16 oz fruit, Indeterminate

Superior disease resistance, Early maturity


Black Cherry 65 1-2 oz, indeterminate

High yield, clustered deep red with blackish hue

Sweet, rich, juicy 

Great White 85  2lbs, indeterminate

Drought and crack resistant

Beefsteak. Very few seeds, low acidity 

Heavy foliage helps to prevent sunscald on fruit

Pineapple 85 2 lb fruit, indeterminate

beefsteak type orange yellow with red streak

mild flavor good yield

Brandywine 85 10-16 oz, indeterminate, red beefsteak, regular leaf, 

good yield


Sun Sugar 62 ½ inch fruit, Indeterminate, Disease resistant

Lemon Boy 72 7 oz fruit, indeterminate

High yield, mild flavor, disease resistance


Sugar plum 67 1” grape, Indeterminate

Firm and sweet, Easy harvest from long clusters


Sweet 100’s 65 1” fruit, Indeterminate

Clusters of tomatoes, Improved disease resistance

Juliet 60 1-2 oz, Indeterminate

Mini roma shape, crack resistant , long shelf life, disease

resistant, cluster of tomatoes

Container Only

Red Profusion 47 1” cherry, 360 degree branching

Neat habit, grows vigorously

5 gallon with cage, upside down, 12” hanging basket

Husky Cherry 55 1” fruit, dwarf-indeterminate

Super sweet, high yield

5 gallon with cage only

Patio 70 3-4 oz fruit, determinate

Large yield, disease resistant

5 gallon with cage only

Bush goliath 68 3-4” fruit, determinate

Flavorful, high sugar content

Needs little staking

5 gallon with cage only

Rocky Top 75 1lb fruit, determinate, beefsteak, high yield, 

disease resistant

5 gallon with cage only


Roma  76 2oz, determinate

High yield, few seeds

Use for canning and sauce

San Marzano 85 3 ½”-4” paste, indeterminate, solid, holds well on vine and

in storage, large yield


Tomatillo  100 need 2+ for pollination

Plant 2-3 ft apart, 4 feet tall

**All are available in 4”pots and 6 packs unless noted otherwise**


peppers 2020



Ace  50-green  Medium sized

70-red  Nearly every flower produces fruit

Cold tolerant

Revolution 72-green  Extra-large blocky thick walled

High yield

Does well in cooler climate

2 gal pot with cage and in 6 packs

Big Red 70-green  Thick sweet crispy flesh

80-red Does well in cool climates

Golden Wonder 62-73  4-5” thick walled, sweet, mild flavor

Golden version of California wonder

Ripens golden yellow

Orange Sun 75-80 4”-5” high yield

Ripens to a vibrant orange

Use for grilling, sautéing and stuffing

North Star 60 4” good yield bell pepper, does well in short 

season, adverse weather, disease resistant to tmv


Sweet Cherry 73 2” diameter high yield

Snack, stuff, grill, cooking

2 gal pot with cage-only

Snack A Belle 80 3-4” mini bells

Compact productive plant

2 gal pot with cage-only

Hungarian Sweet Wax 65 6” fruit, Banana

Light green to yellow to red

Use in salads or for pickles

Roulette 85 red habanero without the heat, sweet flavor, large

sturdy plants, very high yield

 2 gal pot with cage-only


Cayenne 75 Long Thin, Heavy yield, thin walled

Green to fiery red (ripe), 1-5” fruit

30,000-50,000 scoville heat unit

Hot Paper Lantern 70-green 3-4” long fruit

90-red  An early and productive habaneros

Ripen from green,to orange and then bright orange-red

400,000-450,000 scoville heat unit

Hot Portugal 64 6-7” long

Wrinkled dark green, ripens scarlet

5,000-30,000 scoville heat index

Hungarian Hot Wax 50- yellow 5” long waxy fruit

83- red  Excellent for short growing season

5,000-10,000 scoville heat unit

Jalapeno 60-80 Early

2-3.5” long Green to red (which is sweeter)

5,000 scoville heat unit

Poblano 80 6” ½-7”  long

(Trident) high yield, firm, ripens to red, maintains size and 

quality during multiple harvests,

 high resistance to tmv

250-1,500 scoville heat index 

Red Hot Cherry 75-80 1.5” diameter

High yield

Green to red

5,00-15,000 scoville heat unit


cucurbits 2020





Slicing cucumber 64 8” long, dark green fruit, moderately vigorous vines

(Straight 8 Elite) very good disease resistance, burpless, bitter free

pickler  57 strong, vigorous plants

(eureka) good disease resistance

burpless bush slicing50 10” long, completely burpless, no bitterness

high yield, slicing cuke

bush pickle 45-53 4”-5” fruit, sweet, crisp and crunchy

no bitterness, high yield

ideal for container gardening


Hales Best 80 3-4lb fruit, oval, great flavor

Plant in full sun when consistently warm


Sugar Baby 78 8-10 lb fruit, dark green outside with bright red sweet flesh

Yellow Doll  68 5-7 lb fruit, thin medium green with dark green striped rind, sweet yellow



Zucchini 45-60 6”-8” long, very reliable producer, easy to grow 

(Dark Green)

Yellow summer 50 harvest 2”-3” for baby or 6”-8”, resists breakage,

(Early Summer Crookneck) excellent producer when kept pick

Patty Pan 50-55 yellow scalloped with green blossom end best eaten at around 

 3” across, vigorous plant, high yield, pick often

Spaghetti 100 3-4 lb oblong fruit, 15”-18” length, mulch to control weeds (Primavera)   Fertilize to increase yield when fruit form

Mini blue hubbard 95 4-6lb, smooth blue gray skin, sweeter, bright 

(blue magic) orange fiber less flesh

Butternut 80  3lb, rich color, disease resistant 

(Early Butternut)

Acorn 70-75 1-3lb, dark green skin, compact plant

(Taybelle)  excellent for small spaces

Buttercup  81 4-5lb , deep orange flesh 

(Bonbon) upright, semi bush habit, disease resistant

Kabocha  80 3-5lb fruit, bright orange, smooth flesh, vigorous vine, 

(Sunshine) high yield

Mashed potato squash100  1-1 ½ lb vigorous vines, 3-4 per plant

white acorn squash, vitamin c source


Black beauty 80 excellent yield, high quality fruit, deep purple

(Purple)  White flesh, upright, vigorous


Pie pumpkin 90 4-7lbs, fine orange flesh, excellent for cooking

Howden 90 18-26 lb jack o lantern, upright med thick stems

vigorous medium vines, 1-2 per plant

Racer Plus 85 14-18 lbs, strong, dark green stems, short space saving vines

cole crops and early season 2020




Early cabbage  70 4-5lb round shaped head 

(Round Dutch)

Late cabbage 85 4-6lb round shaped head, great for beginner gardener 

(Flat Dutch)

Red cabbage 85 mid late cabbage, medium sized

(Ruby Perfection)


White 50 medium sized 7”-8” round head

(Snowball)  For best quality -tie

Purple 80 leave untied for color, high resistance to downy mildew 


Yellow  68 orange, uniform, well domed, leave untied for color 


Broccoli  57 heads are smooth, well domed and uniform when

(Green Magic) mature

Swiss chard 28 baby consistent growth rate and bolt resistant

(Bright Lights)  55 bunch

Brussel sprouts 80 early and uniform, 30”-32”, freezes well 

(Jade Cross)

Pac choi 55 grown for its stalks, raw or cooked, grows best in cool weather


Baby beets 60 baby rich and flavorful, versatile use 


Yellow  55  rich golden color, sweet, doesn’t bleed like red beets


Spinach  30  grow as baby spinach or large leaves

(Green Beret)  Downy mildew resistant

Wildfire lettuce 28  mixed blend, red and green

Buttercrunch  21 leaves heat tolerant, bibb type, bolt resistant

55 head

Iceberg 85 grows best in cool weather

Romaine 65 very sweet flavor, 12” tall, more nutritious than 

other romaines

mesclun mix 28 mixture of chervil, arugula, leafy lettuces, endive


Prism  40 flavorful, bright green, curled

Nearly stemless, quickly regrows after cutting

Black Magic 65 long narrow leaves, dinosaur kale, best when harvested young,

winter hardy


Grand Duke Imp 45 high yield, harvest when bulb is 4”, disease resistant, resists cold

weather, eaten raw or cooked

other vegetables 2020


Seed Potatoes

Pontiac 80 thin red skin, white flesh, long lasting quality, does well in heavy soil but adapts to most soil types, easy, all purpose for cooking

Yukon Gold  65   thin yellow skin, yellowish flesh, high yield, stores well and sprout resistant, fluffy creamy soft texture when cooked

Kennebec 80 smooth skin and texture, white flesh, blight resistant, high yield, firm texture when cooked

Onion sets

Red  85 red/purple skins, white and red layered, strong flavor, excellent for

salads, store well for many months

White  85 white skins, white flesh, big and firm bulbs, mild flavor,

use for slicing

Yellow  85  dark yellow skin, yellow flesh, strong flavor, raw or for cooking,

long storage


Market Express 30 baby pure white, crunchy texture, mild flavor

  40  full size 4”-5”


Tango 80 grows well under heat and water stress, nice flavor, tender stalks, 

Try growing in container


Pole 65 7” long, straight, stringless pods, high yield until frost

(Kentucky blue)

Bush 58 string-less, green bean, heavy producer over a long growing

(Blue lake)  season

Yellow Wax 55 bush, easy to grow, heavy yield, pick often 


Sweet Corn

Bi color 66 tall sturdy plant with high ear placement, intermediate resistance

(catalyst ) to common rust 


Jambalaya 50 super quick, compact plant, 4”-5” tender meaty pods, dark green

and glossy, excellent for canning and pickling, warm weather crop