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Welcome to Sorano's Greenhouses LLC

Welcome to Sorano's Greenhouses LLC

Welcome to Sorano's Greenhouses LLCWelcome to Sorano's Greenhouses LLCWelcome to Sorano's Greenhouses LLC

Welcome 2020

The following list is what we are offering for our 2020 growing season.

Unfortunately, we can not grow all varieties. Space limitations dictate our ability to only offer varieties that the majority of  our customers are looking for. 

However, if you don't see a variety you want, talk to us. We will happily start your specific plants for you.

tomatoes 2020



New Girl       62        4-7 oz fruit, indeterminate

                                         Outstanding flavor

                                         Resistant to verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt

Biltmore         70      8-10oz fruit, Determinate

                                         High yield, uniform ripening

                                          Disease resistant, Cracking resistant

Better Boy      75      1 lb fruit, Indeterminate

                                           Excellent for canning, slicing, sauces

                                            Disease resistant, High yield

Celebrity         70       8 oz fruit, Determinate

                                         Performs well under adverse conditions

                                          Resists drought and diseases

Big Beef           75      12-16 oz fruit, Indeterminate

                                         Superior disease resistance, Early maturity


 Black Krim     80       8 oz fruit, Indeterminate, Dark maroon

Mortgage Lifter 80      up to 4lb fruit, indeterminate, pink fruit, beefsteak

                                                 few seeds, mild and sweet

Opalka                85           4”-6” long paste tomato, indeterminate

                                                 Sweet flavored, for sauces and canning


Sun Sugar         62             ½ inch fruit, Indeterminate, Disease resistant

Lemon Boy      72                7 oz fruit, indeterminate

                                                      High yield, mild flavor, disease resistance


Sugar Plum     67              1” grape, Indeterminate

                                         Firm and sweet, Easy harvest from long clusters


Sweet 100’s   65       1” fruit, Indeterminate

                                         Clusters of tomatoes, Improved disease resistance

              Container Only

Red Profusion  47      1” cherry, 360 degree branching

                                                Neat habit, grows vigorously

Husky Cherry   55      1” fruit, dwarf-indeterminate

                                               Super sweet, high yield

Patio                      70         3-4 oz fruit, determinate

                                                  Large yield, disease resistant

Bush Early Girl 54         4” fruit, determinate

                                                 Firm, flavorful, large yield

Bush Goliath     68         3-4” fruit, determinate, Flavorful, 

                                                   high sugar content, Needs little staking

Rocky Top            75         1lb fruit, determinate, beefsteak, high yield, 

                                                    disease resistant 


Roma                     76            2oz, determinate

                                                High yield, few seeds, Use for canning and sauce

San Marzano      85       3 ½”-4” paste, indeterminate, solid, holds well on vine 

                                                 and in storage, large yield


Tomatillo             100        need 2+ for pollination

                                                    Plant 2-3 ft apart, 4 feet tall

peppers 2019



Ace      50-green             Medium sized

               70-red                   Nearly every flower produces fruit

                                                  Cold tolerant

Revolution 72-green  Extra-large blocky thick walled

                                                  High yield

                                                  Does well in cooler climate

Big Red   70-green          Thick sweet crispy flesh

                      80-red              Does well in cool climates

Golden Wonder 62-73  4-5” thick walled, sweet, mild flavor

                                                    Golden version of California Wonder

                                                     Ripens golden yellow

Orange Sun 75-80            4”-5” high yield

                                                       Ripens to a vibrant orange

                                                      Use for grilling, sautéing and stuffing

            Container Only

Sweet Cherry 73                2” diameter high yield

                                                      Snack, stuff, grill, cooking

Snack A Belle 80                 3-4” mini bells

                                                       Compact productive plant


Hungarian         65                  6” fruit

Sweet Wax                           Light green to yellow to red

                                                     Use in salads or for pickles


Hungarian        50- yellow      5” long waxy fruit

Hot Wax            83- red            Excellent for short growing season

                                                              5,000-10,000 scoville heat unit

Jalapeno            60-80                2-3.5” long

                                                             Green to red (which is sweeter)

                                                              5,000 scoville heat unit

Red Hot Cherry 75-80            1.5” diameter

                                                                High yield, Green to red

                                                                 5,00-15,000 scoville heat unit

Cayenne                72                      Heavy yield, thin walled

                                                                Green to fiery red (ripe)

                                                                 30,000-50,000 scoville heat unit

Hot Paper         70-green             3-4” long fruit

Lantern               90-red               An early and productive habaneros

                                                                 Ripen from green,to orange and then bright 

                                                             orange-red, 400,000-450,000 scoville heat unit

Hot Portugal    64                      6-7” long

                                                               Wrinkled dark green, ripens scarlet

                                                                 5,000-30,000 scoville heat index

cucurbits 2019




SV 4719CS         56                 8” long, dark green fruit, moderately vigorous vines

                                                          very good disease resistance, Slicing cucumber

Pickle                    57                 pick at 1 ½” – 5” for pickles, 7” for salads

                                                          high disease resistance

Burpless              50                   10” long, completely burpless, no bitterness

Bush Slicing                               high yield, slicing cuke

Bush Pickle         45-53          4”-5” fruit, sweet, crisp and crunchy

                                                           no bitterness, high yield, ideal for container gardening


Hales Best          80                   3-4lb fruit, oval, great flavor

                                                            Plant in full sun when consistently warm


Sugar Baby         78             8-10 lb fruit, dark green outside with bright red sweet flesh


Zucchini              45-60          6”-8” long, very reliable producer, easy to grow

Yellow Summer 50                harvest 2”-3” for baby or 6”-8”, semi yellow crook neck

                                                            resists breakage, excellent producer when kept pick

Patty Pan            50-55            yellow scalloped with green blossom end best eaten at 

                                                             around  3” across, vigorous plant, high yield, pick often

Spaghetti              100                3-4 lb oblong fruit, 15”-18” length, mulch to control weeds

                                                           Fertilize to increase yield when fruit form

Mini Blue Hubbard 95          4-6lb, smooth blue gray skin, sweeter, bright 

                                                              orange fiber less flesh

Butternut                  80                3lb, rich color, disease resistant

Acorn                        70-75           1-3lb, dark green skin, compact plant

                                                             excellent for small spaces

Mashed Potato     100              white acorn squash, vigorous vines, 3-4 per plant

                                                                 vitamin c source, 1-1 ½ lb 


Black Beauty       80                   excellent yield, high quality fruit, deep purple

                                                                White flesh, upright, vigorous

White                       65                    tall and vigorous, easy to grow, stake for support

                                                              High yield, white

        Pumpkins and gourds

Pie                             90                     4-7lbs, fine orange flesh, excellent for cooking

Champion             90                     30+ lb jack o lantern, upright med thick stems

                                                                 vigorous medium vines, 1-2 per plant

Cargo                     100                     20-25 lbs, strong, dark green stems, short space saving vines,

                                                                 good resistance to powdery mildew

Gourds                  80-100             assorted packs small to large sized

cole crops and early season 2019



Early       70                    4-5lb round shaped head

Late          85                   4-6lb round shaped head, great for beginner gardener

Red          85                     mid late cabbage, medium sized 

Brussel Sprouts  80      early and uniform, 30”-32”, freezes well


Hakurei    30 young       smooth, flat-round, white roots

                       40-50 full      best harvested young, edible dark green hairless tops


White     50                     medium sized 7”-8” round head

                                               For best quality tie

Broccoli     57                 heads are smooth, well domed and uniform when mature


Baby          60                      baby rich and flavorful, versatile use

Yellow      55                    rich golden color, sweet, doesn’t bleed like red beets


Spinach   30                    grow as baby spinach or large leaves

                                               Downy mildew resistant

Wildfire Lettuce 28  mixed blend, red and green

Buttercrunch     21 leaves          heat tolerant, bibb type, bolt resistant

                                     55 head

Iceberg            85          grows best in cool weather

Romaine         65        very sweet flavor, 12” tall, more nutritious than 

                                            other romaines

Mesclun Mix 28        mixture of chervil, arugula, leafy lettuces, endive

          Swiss Chard  

Bright Lights  28 baby     consistent growth rate and bolt resistant

                                 55 bunch

         Chinese Cabbage

Pac Choi             55     grown for its stalks, raw or cooked

                                             grows best in cool weather


Prism            40                flavorful, bright green, curled

                                            Nearly stemless, quickly regrows after cutting